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(Last Updated On: December 9, 2019)

Call of Duty has been a mainstay in the video game industry since its first release back in 2003. Since then it has churned out many iterations of the first-person shooter with different storylines. One well-known series from the COD franchise is the Modern Warfare series.

Modern Warfare was first released back in November 2007 with much critical and consumer success. Eventually, the game fell in the wayside after a few more subsequent releases. This is why it was a surprise when Activision(the game’s publisher) said that they were going to reboot the series. 

call of duty game review

Infinity Ward once again took the helms for developing the new Modern Warfare series. The new game trailer and the first look created a lot of buzz, hype, and controversy before and after its release.

So what’s the hype about the new COD Modern Warfare game? Here we will look into the game and provide you with a full call of duty game review for this new installment. So let’s just get into it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Overview:

The new COD Modern Warfare game was developed to be a reboot and a prequel for the franchise. The events here dates before Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare but some considerable changes were made because Infinity Ward wanted to reboot the series entirely.

So don’t get frustrated if you find that the stories don’t match. This is a reimagining of the franchise so they will be revisiting the old plots with new stories. After years of futuristic attempts, this Modern Warfare version is also a more grounded effort where they went back to basics and did what they were best at.

They removed the advanced mobility mechanics–double-jumping and wall-running which was a pain in my opinion but don’t worry you will still be able to slide and crouch. 

cod modern warfare 2019

This time Infinity Ward introduced door-mechanics where you can either slowly enter a place or simply burst into a place, making your entries more dramatic.

One of the reasons I love the new Modern Warfare game is because it doesn’t have the hero-shooter aspects that you had in Black Ops 3 and 4. Now you can enjoy playing with different characters without special powers cluttering up the matches.

While there are Special Ops Operators with active and passive abilities they don’t affect gameplay that much, unlike the previous versions. Oh and the best thing is this game has a full single-player campaign mode!

The Game Itself

Now that you know what the game is let’s breakdown the game to see if it’s worth your time. I have broken down the game into four aspects.

They are Story, Multiplayer, Graphics, and Combat Handling. So let’s dive in:

(Spoilers Ahead!!)


The campaign story starts in the fictional land of Urzikstan where you are in a US convoy. You enter a place where there is nothing but desolate buildings looking scanning profusely for signs of movement. You are trying to hunt down the Al-Qatala leader ‘The Wolf,’ who has recently carried out an attack in London’s Piccadilly Circus.

Till now it all seems pretty run of the mill, right? Now you are expecting enemy snipers and get into a skirmish and proceed on to victory. Right? Well, here you don’t get that. Instead, an IED blows below your feet and you are left shaken killing several members of the convoy while you are frantically searching for enemies.

This iteration of the Modern Warfare franchise has moved away from the traditional CoD formula and has spiced things up. They have made several controversial decisions that create a shock and awe factor for the game for better or for worse. 

call of duty modern warfare

It has many controversial missions and aspects where you will feel that they were taken from real-life headlines. Now I will not get into the controversy of the game but stay on course and only talk about the gameplay itself. It’s roughly based on the Gulf War.

You will be playing primarily playing as CIA officer Alex and SAS Sergeant Kyle Garrick and Captain Price also makes a comeback. As Alex, you will be deeply embedded with the rebels fighting the Russian forces.

And as time goes along you will slowly drift further away. The game is filled with pro-western propaganda which may feel a bit odd at times. When you play the game you will see that there is a mission called “Highway of Death” this is based on a real incident which is named the same.

Check that out as well if you want to know why there is plenty of controversy surrounding it. Even with this level of controversy, I feel that this Modern Warfare game is more akin to a realistic experience than any other.

Here everything is not plain black and white. Your enemies are just like regular civilians with no way to discern between them. For example, in one mission you will be fighting a Russian force and then it will cut to a scene where you are a US air reinforcement officer.

Now while flying over the base you will see all the Russians holed up. But the thing is everyone there will be white shapes so you will have no idea about who is a friend and who is a foe. Infinity Ward has taken a step to put you into the shoes of real US air reinforcements officers where you will only see white moving objects.

The missions have been considered a real eye-opening experience for many gamers who have opted to not play the Campaign mode. But don’t worry there’s always the Multiplayer mode. 


So if you love CoD then it’s obvious that you the fan of its multiplayer option. Over the years Call of Duty has garnered a huge loyal fan base for the game due to the multiplayer function. They have made the gameplay a lot more smooth and introduced new modes that will keep you engaged for hours.

On top of that Infinity Ward introduced cross-platform gameplay as well. In a recent blog post, Activision announced that every new map, modes, and missions will be available to everyone at the same time.

You can check out the full post here. The cross-play option does not sacrifice the fast matchmaking option which is a very big deal. So what are the new modes? On top of the classics like TDM(TeamDeathMatch), the game features new modes like Gunfight.

The Gunfight is basically a 2v2 game mode. You can play 6v6, 10v10 and 20v20 in this edition of the Modern Warfare game. There is another mode called Ground War where you can have up to 100 players playing together meaning longer matches. 

cod modern warfare multiplayer

This game is basically a tighter version of the CoD formula with a splash of new content. There is no Zombie mode so if you like that then sorry. But the killstreaks and perks have been reintroduced.

There are Special Opps as well where 4 players can play together. There are two different modes within the special ops that are missions and operations. It’s a bit less hectic than the other multiplayer modes and allows for laxer objective-driven missions and operations which is a welcome change. Now let’s move on to the best part of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the Graphics. 


So this is for me is the best part of the game. It has amazing graphics and you can see every facial expression, each detail-clad environment and beautifully-shot cinematic. It delivers this sort of performance even in a standard PS4 which is where I played the game. 

new cod game review

The level of realism is amazing in the game. It acts as an interactive war epic while delivering details about maps only locals would know even though most of it is fictionalized. The engine is a new one first new engine used by the company in 14 years and boy does it deliver.

And I can only think about what the graphics can become when it runs on a high-end GPU. Next up we will talk about the combat functionality of the new Modern Warfare installment.

Combat Functionality

There is a reason why CoD is considered the king of first-person shooter games. And it is all the more evident in the new Modern Warfare game. The gunplay here is amazingly tight and incredibly smooth.

You feel the weight of every bullet and you feel like you have earned every single kill you make. This game has fluid movement and it allows for easy and quick maneuvering through maps without much hassle. Although you may feel a bit of a problem with the mantling.

But that can be forgiven. I love the UI of this game it’s clean and simple. Like the theme with the game, you can induce even more realism by removing every single assist function. And that way you will have an experience like real soldiers have. 

call of duty modern warfare gameplay

You can play without maps, without ammo indicators and have no information on what guns you have as well. This is an extremely tough mode and if you can do it all the more power to you, I miserably failed. The game is designed to keep you wired at all times.

The maps are rigged with IEDs, tripwires, clandestine enemies, and other dangers. And as I said before you have enemies that you cannot discern from other NPCs making it a challenging and fun game.

This sort of realism in the gameplay seems intentional from Infinity Ward. They seem to be trying to make the players uncomfortable which seems pretty evident on some missions. 


The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) regardless of all the controversy which I intentionally left out for you to check out is a fast-paced FPS with stunning graphics and amazing gameplay. While the campaign mode is a more mature and dark option you can explore you don’t really have to.

The multiplayer option is perfect with different game modes that can keep you busy for months. Modern Warfare is uncomfortable and a thought-provoking installation from the franchise and in my opinion worth your time.

But if you don’t feel like getting it then you can check out other titles for CoD in ScopePrice. With that being said I will bring this Call of Duty game review to a close. Here is a Gameplay for the game:

Let us know in the comments below if you like the new game from CoD or not. Also, tell us what your favorite mission and mode is. We look forward to your thoughts and suggestion and are eagerly awaiting your response. Till then, Sayonara!

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