A Guide On Buying Quality Headphones and Headsets

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(Last Updated On: November 15, 2018)

These days headphones and headsets are a need. There are plenty of headphones out there for you to choose from. So much so that it sometimes can become overwhelming. Here at ScopePrice, our priority is to get you the best possible product to suit your needs. Our Headphones buying guide is here to help you sort through and choose the best headphone for you.

A Guide On Buying Quality Headphones and Headsets

There are plenty of reviews and lists you will find on the internet, telling you the features of the headphones and headsets. But how do you know that those suit your specific audio palate? Well, that is what this guide aims to achieve. Helping you, our reader make an informative decision on a product that you use daily.


Types of Headphones and Headsets


Let us first talk about the types of headphones and headsets available. Odds are you are already pretty familiar with most if not all of them. We will go through each of the major types of headphones and explain their regular functions so that you can choose which type suits you best.


In-ear Headphones/Earbuds

 In Ear Headphones and Headsets

The smallest of the earphone types are also the most common ones as well. Odds are you have a pair or two because they came with your smartphone or MP3 player. They may be the most popular of the headphone categories because they are so easy to carry.

A significant factor for people to like this type of in-ear headphone is because the earbuds always provide excellent noise isolation. If you do not understand noise isolation, then don’t worry we dive into more details later.

Another factor is that they are the best choice for active people. Running or going to the gym these headphones make sure you get to listen to your jam while getting your work done. Of course, people have preferences, but these are popular because of how light they are.


On-ear Headphones and Headsets

 On Ear headphones and headsets

Unlike our previous category, the drivers of this particular type of headphone sit right on your ear. It is bulkier than the earbuds and not as easy to carry. For people who want the most mobility, this may not be the model to get. You will find plenty of models that you can fold into a smaller size, but none will offer the ease of just putting the headphones in the pocket.

The noise isolation in this is not as good because it is an on-ear headphone or headset. Some outside noise usually seeps in. Now what this model is well known for is its audio quality. These have larger drivers that produce better quality audio than in-ear models.

If you choose a wireless model than it also means it has a bigger battery, which ultimately means more listening time.


Over-ear Headphones and Headsets

 Over Ear headphones and headsets

The over-ear headphones and headsets are the largest of the three categories. Yes, that means it is also not very portable, but these provide the best audio out of the three types of headphones and headsets. It is not always the case, but in general, over-ears produce better quality.

Being so large means that you will also face some trouble carrying it, unlike the other two types. In general over-ear headphones cost more than your average headphones, but they are always worth the price. See with these headphones you might need to use an amp. This is a rare problem, but many high-end over-ear headphones are so powerful that your average smartphone or player cannot support the device. But for an average user, this problem does not pop up often.

These headphones and headsets have earcups that go around your ears. The drivers within the earcups are pretty big. This makes sure that you get a fantastic immersive audio experience. The noise isolation on these are much better than on-ear models, and they are very comfortable as well because the earcups are made of soft material like memory foam, leatherette, and velour. For wireless the wireless models these have the biggest batteries, so they provide huge battery backup and performance.


Wireless(Bluetooth) Headphones and Headsets

 Wireless(Bluetooth) Headphones and headsets

All of the three types of headphones and headsets that we talked about already has two versions. One is the traditionally wired headphone, and the other is the wireless model. Wireless headphones and headsets have always been controversial amongst users. You cannot just blatantly say this is better, or this is worse; some trade-off is always there.

These headphones and headsets bring a different dynamic to your music experience, so these are always worth looking into. We all know the pain of untangling a pair of headphones. If you have a wireless headphone, you will never have to go through this again.

Wireless headphones and headsets suffer from battery issues, with wired versions you did not need to worry about charging. In this instance, bigger wireless headphones usually come with better battery life which will give you an extended period of musical bliss. Interference can sometimes be an issue, but with good quality headphones and headsets, you can usually avoid it.

Bluetooth driver also support plays a big part in your music experience; some older Bluetooth doesn’t have new codecs that ensure better audio quality and some older phones will have trouble connecting to newer Bluetooth headphones. But if you can make sure to buy compatible devices, then you will have a great pair of headphones.


Need To Know Features & Specs

You will see plenty of technical features and terms floating about when you want to buy a headphone or headset. Now, some are nonsensical and is used for marketing purposes. But, most are features that help you understand the type of audio experience the headphones will give.

The features and specs you need to know are listed as follows:


Frequency response:

 Frequency Response Headphones and Headsets

The sound is measured in Hertz. And frequency response lets you know in Hertz the range of frequency the headphone sound can make. The human limit for hearing between 20-20000 Hertz. So, most manufacturers go for that range. But having broader frequency response gives the audio a bit more room which provides a richer experience. Although, most people cannot even pick up the difference. Also, there is a problem of frequency response not being able to affect the volume. Each headphone and headset manufacturer tailor makes each model to suit different groups of people so at the end certain parts of the audio might be overpowering. Overall the spec is nice to have for audiophiles, for the average user not so much.


Noise Isolation and cancellation:


Noise isolation and active noise cancellation, are features that let you listen to music without much or no distraction from your surroundings. If you want to be closed off from the environment entirely then getting a pair of noise cancellation headphone is for you. The product completely closes your ears off to outside noise. If you want to be somewhat aware of your surroundings but still need the background sound to be very low then a headphone with active noise cancellation is the best choice. So make sure you pick the noise canceling headphones and headsets that are the best fit for you.


Open/Closed Back

 Open Closed Back Headphones and Headsets

Closed back headphones and headsets are the most common type of headphone and headsets. They are great for public use. The drivers are enclosed within the earcups, so there is no sound leakage from your side. These are also very good for noise cancellation as the earcups are insulating you from background sound exposure.

Open back headphones as you have guessed already are the exact opposite. The drivers are not in an enclosed earcup. Which means that there is significant sound leakage, more than the closed back headphones and headsets. Being open also means it lets sound in as well. By now you have already deducted that these don’t give you optimum output in a public setting. To enjoy the best sound use them in-house or studio setting.


Flat/Neutral Sound

 Flat/Neutral Sound Headphones and headsets

So this is a feature you should look for only in a professional setup or if you want to enjoy the original track. When it says that a headphone or headset has flat or neutral sound, it means that whatever file you play will sound like the original recorded file without little to no deviation. Most headphone and headset manufacturer as you know already boost a particular aspect of the music. With this, you can enjoy the purest sound like the original recording.


Battery Life

 Battery Life for headphones and headsets

When you are buying a wireless model, make sure you check out its battery life. You do not want it to die on you during Your workout or when you are on the road.



Collapsible cups

 Collapsible earcups for headphones and headsets

Getting an on-ear or over-ear headphones or headset?  Then having collapsible cups is a must-have. It will make traveling and carrying that much easier.


Water Resistance

 Water Resistant headphones and headsets

If you are active and you want to take your headphones and headsets out then make sure that it has water resistance. There are plenty of models that offer sweat and necessary protection from rain. Choose one that goes with your demands.


Built-in Line control module

 Headphones and Headsets Line Control Module

Now, if you don’t want to bring your phone out every time you need to do something then make sure you get a headphone or headset with a line control module. It will allow you to change music, play or pause any file, you can answer calls and cut them. Some even allow SIRI and Google Now to take commands through the line control mic.


Carry cases

 Headphones and headsets Carry Cases

If you are using headphones and headsets when traveling or commuting, then it is always best to use a case to ensure longevity for the product.


Parting Words


Well, here you are we have made through the extensive list of features and types of headphones and headsets. Hopefully, with this blog, you can make an informed purchase. The best way to find great headphones is to know what you require from your headphone. When you decide on a model, you like, and you know that it fits your requirements go and buy it.

Please let us know your thoughts by commenting down below and please let us know your suggestions.

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