A Guide On Getting the Hottest Deals When Shopping Online

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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2019)


It is no secret that online shopping has changed the way we shop forever. Online shopping has become the biggest revenue earner in retailing in recent years. A Statista study shows that revenue from online shopping will hit 3.45 Trillion dollars. This means that online purchases have overtaken in-store purchases. So, there is no denying the fact that online shopping is here to stay.

You and I, we have become accustomed to ordering things from the comfort of our homes now. We know that the products we ordered will be on our doorstep within a week or so. The convenience of online shopping is undeniable. But, after retail costs and shipping costs is there any way for you to get a good deal on the product? Well, the answer is Yes! If you are implementing some smart methods, you can save big on any purchase you make.

Online stores offer you promo codes, coupons, cash-backs and a host of other perks which lowers the amount of money you pay for the products. This is something physical stores could not provide for customers on a regular basis.

So how can you save some money on your online purchase? Here is a list of tips that will guide you into getting the best Hot deals when shopping online.

Researching Price History

Researching Price History

Retailers often employ a dirty tactic where they drive up the price of a product just before a sale. This means when the sales event comes they can sell the product for a much higher price. So, in short, you are paying either the regular price or a higher price. To avoid this, you should always do some research on the product price.

There are sites that help you with tracking the price like camelcamelcamel. Sites like these will help you track and asses the price retailers have set. Camelcamelcamel tracks the price of products from Amazon. So if you shop at Amazon a lot then this website will be a great help in making sure you are getting Amazon hot deals.

Leveraging CashBack Sites

These sites are amazing because they have a plethora of deals that offer you cash back when you purchase. Cash Back sites are always free to use and you should always look into them before purchasing anything. I mean why shouldn’t you right? You might even stumble upon offers that give you 40% cash back on the purchase.

Imagine getting paid money back when buying something. That has to be one of the best feelings you can get when shopping. Using these sites ensures that you get a sweet deal every time you purchase something.


Sites like Ebates has made it even easier for people to get cash back on their purchases. You just need to open an account and download their browser add-on. After you activate the add-on you are set. Whenever you are browsing and there is a cashback offer on the project, ebates will give you a pop-up notification. This means you stay up to date and at certain moments can even leverage any sudden cashback offers, making your purchase a hot deal.

CashBack Comparison Sites for Finding Great Deals

There are plenty of cashback sites out there. The task of finding a cashback deal suited to your needs may become daunting for you. This is where cashback comparison sites come in. These sites will show you all the best cashback offers from stores. The cashback rate though will vary from site to site and be different across different product categories.


Sites like CashBack Monitor shows you who has the best cashback right now. CashBack Monitor also offers other services along with cashback offers. The primary target of these sites is to make sure you can check out the market on cashback offers. This will help you see how the store you are using stack up against other stores. Helping you make an informed decision.

You shouldn’t just blindly go into a cashback site and make your purchase. There are a few things you should always consider before buying something. Things like promotion duration are one thing you should know about. Different promotions run for a different length of time for different products. You may see that the offer you got change the next day.

Payment methods and Exclusions are other factors you should take into consideration. Different sites pay cashback in different ways. Some take weeks to pay you back. Some have a certain account specification. Meaning you need a certain account to get your cashback money.

Also, there are certain exclusions for these offers many sites employ. Sites may say that if you are using a gift card then you will not be eligible for cashback offers. So you should read the fine print before making any sort of purchasing decision.

Finding Online Coupons

Online coupons are amazing to make your purchase turn into a hot deal. You should always check to see if you can find some coupons that give you cash back or a percentage off on your purchase. You can find coupons like this on emails from the retailer, cashback sites, coupon sites, forums & blogs, and social sites.

Finding Online Coupons

Leveraging these coupons will give you an upper hand when trying to get the best deal for your purchase. However, you should keep in mind that if you want to combine coupons or offers then it should come from one place. This is because often times the cash back sites use cookies which can be overwritten when visiting other sites for different coupons.

Credit Card Price Matching and Cash Rewards

There are credit card companies that offer retroactive price matching for purchases you make with the card. This is something many of us is not aware of at all. This can be a great way to turn your purchase into a fantastic deal. You should look up your card’s terms of service and see what they offer. You should look for terms like “price rewind” and “price match”.

The company you are using may not track the price automatically while there are many that do. Sometimes you need to inform the company that there is a price matching situation. Here is an amazing article that can help you find out more about price matching.


If you are not shopping with a credit card that offers rewards you are missing out on a substantial amount of savings. That much is guaranteed. There are many different companies offering a variety of credit cards with different perks and rewards. From cards that offer up to 6% cash back to air miles or high reward points, the choice is almost endless. You need to find which card is right for you as well.

Finding the right credit card varies from person to person. Your spending habits and your ability to fully pay back dues every month should be points you should consider. Cards with big rewards often come with high-interest rates. If you are not able to payback in full every month then you will have more disservice than anything else.

The finance costs will eat you up. So, do some research before making a decision. Here are two articles you can read when deciding on which credit card to get and when to apply for them.

Enrolling in Loyalty Programs

When shopping online you should not blindly go to one seller over and over again. However, there may be companies that you frequently visit. If those companies have loyalty programs then I don’t see why you shouldn’t take advantage of the offer. You can get great deals that are only for you when you join the programs. Companies like eBay, Best Buy, have taken up the trend and introduced loyalty programs.

Enrolling In Loyalty Programs

How these loyalty points work is that for every purchase you make you get points. After some time you can trade those points for special perks like free shipping, discounts and etc. Companies might even give you special offers and promotional deals which can double or triple your points. There are things you need to be careful about in this system.

First, make sure you use the points wisely. So you should have a solid plan in the future for using them. The second is, your points should not compel you to buy more products. Points often have expiration dates or there may be a perk that you get with higher points but trust me, you should not fall for this. Buying more for gaining points is the opposite of the saving you want to do.

Using Store Credit Cards

So this is another credit card tip. While there are credit cards that offer amazing cash back deals we often times forget that there are store-based credit cards. These cards are store specific and they often times offer better rates than the regular credit cards. If you have a brand that you visit on a regular basis.


If you have a place where you do most of your spending then you can inquire if they have their own credit card. Places like target have their own credit cards and offer a 5% cash back which is more than most credit cards from credit card companies.

Like before, I cannot stress enough that you need to be able to pay your month’s balance in full. Otherwise, you won’t be eligible for these high rewards offers. Make sure you assess your situation wisely and do some research on credit cards. Here is an article which can help you with your research.

Increase Savings by Stacking Cashback, Coupons, Discounts, & Rewards

If you want to be the ultimate shopper in savings then you need to do stacking. The process is simple. You just need to apply more than one cash saving offers on your order. You should be able to do this every time you are buying something. At the very least you can take the cashback offer from a cashback site and use a rewards credit together.

This is the very least you can do so make sure you do it. You are just letting go off easy money. If you really want to make your purchase an amazing deal then you should compile cashback, coupons, sale prices, store loyalty points, & credit card rewards altogether. This will make your order the best deal you can get. You will be able to save tons of money if you can keep up this practice when you shop every time.

Increase Savings By Stacking Cashback,Coupons,Discounts,Rewards

Stacking is a great way for you to save money. But you have to make sure you are doing it the right way. There are stores which negate cashback portals when applying coupons. Some stores don’t offer cashback on gift cards. So you have to make sure you are ordering from the right place. You can simply read through the terms and conditions of the website and see what you can do there.

Does it sound like a lot of work? Well, it really isn’t. You just need to do a little research and maintain a little bit of discipline. Listen, this won’t work perfectly every time. Things in life seldom do. But at the very least you should be using the cash back portals from sites and rewards credit cards.

Signing Up for Newsletters of Your Favorite Sites

Companies send coupons, loyalty program bonuses, special deals through emails. You should be subscribed to your favorite site’s newsletter because they will send these to you too. They will even send you specialized offers for you. You should be taking advantage of this service they are providing if you want to save money on purchases. Mark those websites as your hot deal website.


Remember that the more emails you are subscribing to the more crowded your inbox will be. You can easily avoid this by setting up filters and folders on your account. This simply sieves through emails with specific keywords that you set up and send each on its designated place.

You should not subscribe or unsubscribe from companies that you don’t shop from anymore. If there are shops you are subscribed to who offer little to no value you should remove them immediately as well.

Using Price Comparison Sites

Never buy anything on the first attempt. If you see any product make sure you do some research on the market before making a decision. Just because Amazon has a product doesn’t mean you can’t the same product at a cheaper rate somewhere else. Also, many Amazon purchases aren’t eligible for cash back rewards so you have to make a decision on where you want to buy.

When you have decided on which product to get, a quick search in a price comparison engine can help you save a lot of money. These work by showing you live prices on products from multiple sellers on various platforms. So you can pick and choose a deal you think suits you best.


Google Shopping is the biggest one out there, but you can track with other sites like Bizrate and ScopePrice. These sites track millions of products from sellers listing on e-commerce sites. So you will be able to see if you are overpaying or not.

You should always keep in mind the impact your rewards will have on the final price when price shopping. You should know that sometimes you have to make a decision on choosing the higher price product. This is because that product lets you stack more which will result in a lower overall payment. So make sure you do the match before ordering.

Using Price Tracking Service for Price Drop Alerts

Price tracking services are amazing if you are looking to save some money. If you are flexible on when you need something especially big-ticket items like computers, cameras, etc then they are perfect for you. These browser add-ons will notify you when the price of a product you specified drops. This way you get updated price every time a seller changes the price, which if you are Amazon can even happen multiple times a day.

CamelCamelCamel offers an Amazon exclusive price tracker which is really handy. If you shop from Amazon frequently then you should most definitely download it. There are many other price trackers which you can use to track prices from thousands of sites. It is an amazing service that you should take into consideration if you are looking to get amazing deals when purchasing.


You should utilize price dropping in tandem with the other saving tips. Don’t just forget about those and be happy with a lower base price. After you find a product whose price has dropped use all the previous methods to sweeten the deal. Remember, you should always try to stack on if you want to save money.

Utilizing Sales and Buying Off Season

Waiting for buying things you want is frustrating. Especially now, as we have become a part of the on-demand economy. However, if you can plan your purchases then you are on your way to making a ton of savings on purchases. It is mostly common sense like you get bigger markdowns for seasonal products. You just need a little bit of research and you can get handsome deals.

Sellers and retailers even plan for sales on a predictable calendar. This way you can easily plan your purchases for getting amazing deals. Companies like Amazon has Prime day others offer annual sales, Gap offers sales on specific items on a regular basis. So if you can keep a lookout for these then you stand to make a lot of savings. You just need to subdue the instant gratification monkey inside you for some time.

Getting Discounted Gift Cards

Using gift cards to make your purchases is another way for you to ensure a great deal. If you thought gift cards are only for gifts then think again. To an expert money saver its an opportunity to make your deals great. First, find a place that sells gift cards, then see the discounts on offer. If you are buying a hundred dollar gift card at ninety dollars then you are already making a 10% saving on the purchase.


There are plenty of sites where you can buy gift cards from. eBay is one of them. The supply and demand on sites that sell these changes frequently, so make sure to remain vigilant. If you are not then you might miss out on a gift card from your favorite retailer. Also, remember to only buy these from sellers with good reviews otherwise there is a risk.

Buying the gift card is just the starting of the saving scale. The ideal process you should follow is, buy a discounted gift card by accessing the site through a cashback site then buy the card with a rewards credit card, then go to the retailer for which you have a gift card.

Make your order by stacking up the cashback, promo codes, coupons, and loyalty program points if you have any. Then pay with the discounted gift card. The amount you will save if you follow this simple process is huge. You should always try to do this from now on since you are an expert stacker.

You should also think about offline buys as well. You can find discount gift cards for offline shops as well. Make sure you take advantage of that situation.

Keep A List Save Money

I found that keeping lists of products I need, help me to be organized and allows me some room to look for deals and plan for my purchases. Use Excel or something similar to keep a list. Trust me if you are doing it on post-it notes then you will be lost underneath them.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is not a special promotion anymore. A 2014 BI Intelligence report showed that 58% of online shoppers utilized free shipping. You should too. There are a few ways you can ensure free shipping on your products. One of the ways you can save on shipping costs is to actively look for free shipping coupons.

Free Shipping

Retailers also offer special sales where they offer free shipping, you can utilize this opportunity to cut down on costs. If this is available then you can ship to store. Many retailers offer free ship to store option. This way you can easily pick up your order from the nearest store.


Sellers often put a qualification bar for free shipping, if your order is of a certain value you can qualify for free shipping. You can hold up on ordering things specifically and make a big order to qualify for this option.

Another thing you can try is just call up the customer service of the seller and ask nicely if you can get a free shipping code. Sometimes they will give it to you. Trust me, they want to keep you happy and a little nice goes a long way.

Going Through Deal Sites to Find Sales

Deal sites are amazing places. They show you a host of different deals from all over the internet. You can use deal sites like SlickDeals to find amazing sales and deals for the products. Remember these sites can be very lucrative and if you are an impulse buyer then you may end up spending a lot more. Just stick to the list buy what you need.

Deal sites are completely different than cashback sites so you won’t be able to stack properly if you go through a deal site. Once you have found a deal click on it from the deal site. After that go to a cashback site then click on the cashback link for that retailer now your cashback is set. Then stack up like normal and nothing will be able to stop you from getting the hottest deal available.

Follow Blogs and Influencers

Following blogs and personalities can be a great way to save some money and be informed on great deals. These blogs or deal seekers do a lot of hard work for you. Finding deals and discounts and coupons for you is their primary aim. So why wouldn’t you follow them right?


Blogs like The Krazy Coupon Lady and Brad’s Deals find you amazing deals from everywhere. These blogs are considered as deal websites in my book. You can just click and save. Also, make sure that you follow the social media of the influencers sometimes they will shout out special promos and contests for you to win great deals and products.

Check Prices in Incognito Mode and in Different Times

Companies now apply dynamic pricing methods. This means the pricing is set by taking into consideration the supply, demand, time of day, your location, your device type, and some other factors. There is no flat rate anymore.

You can go around this system though. First, understand the basic value of the product. Then go into the incognito mode to find the rate. Companies also employ cookies for your browser experience. These can backfire sometimes as they track you and put up a price near what you paid. Using incognito mode and checking prices during different times makes sure you get an idea on the lowest price possible. This will help you save some money if you can do it.

Use Mobile for Making Purchases And Opt-In SMS Notifications

The mobile e-commerce has taken off like a rocket. Almost all the big retailers and sellers are moving for mobile accessibility. This means heavy promotions on mobile purchases. Make sure you have the app of your favorite seller downloaded and installed. This way when you are purchasing something from the mobile you get additional savings.

Staying with mobile, if you opt-in for SMS notification you can get early notification on sales, discounts and specialized promo codes. Remember companies are trying to keep you engaged as long as they can so if you see that company just bombards you with useless texts then call in to unsubscribe from the service.

Abandoning Shopping Carts

This is a method that often works. You going in to make a purchase, you do everything, you put the item in cart fill up the order but then just leave the order as is or delete everything from the cart. Often times companies will email you with special offers just for you as a follow-up to completing the sale. So you see this is another way you can get great deals.

Be Confident Be Nice

Online shopping is not only convenient for us but has completely meshed into everyday life. Companies are now vying for your attention so be bold when you are trying something. Make sure you implement everything you read about here. If you do then you are sure to get amazing deals that will save you tons of money.


If you wanna save some more then here is another tip. If you start up a live chat or call the customer service of a company and ask nicely they will provide you with discounts. Yes, they will. Being nice to people works everywhere.

So there you are, my tips on saving money and getting you the best deals online. What do you think about the list here? Do you agree with all of them? How many will you or have you tried? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below. Till next time, Adios!

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