How To Make Your Corporate Holiday Gifts Unique

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(Last Updated On: December 9, 2019)

The holiday season is upon us and you need to make sure that you keep your co-workers, boss, and clients happy. Now due to the rise of the internet, gifting things have become easy. More and more people shop online and finish their holiday checklist without having to leave the comfort of their couch.

Now during the holiday season, you create a list of people you want to give gifts to. These are people you want to create an impression on or show your appreciation towards them. Finding good gifts for your family is easy because you know them really well. 

corporate holiday gifts

However, finding unique and thoughtful gifts for the corporate part of your life can become a tricky situation. Gifts during the holiday season can be a relationship builder. This is how you show your appreciation towards your coworkers, boss, and clientele.

So here at ScopePrice, we thought that we should help you create thoughtful corporate holiday gifts that leave a lasting impression. Here we will discuss how you can make your gifts stand out among the rest and share some unique Christmas gift ideas for your corporate life as well.

How To Make Your Gifts Stand Out?

During the holiday season, people get a lot of gifts and as you already know most of them tend to be generic and boring. While it is the thought that counts the gifts themselves are often forgettable.

So how to avoid giving boring forgettable corporate holiday gifts? Well, you do it by making your gifts personal and thoughtful. Below are three major aspects to keep in mind when buying your corporate holiday gift:


Ordering gifts in bulk is one of the major mistakes when choosing gifts for your corporate gifts for your boss, coworkers, employees or clients. For the relationships, you cherish require a  more personal touch.

Whether you are creating a corporate holiday gift basket or a food gift basket or something else take the person’s interests and personality into consideration. When thinking about gift ideas taking a personalized approach goes a long way.

Think about it in this way. Your boss loves wine and one of your favorite clients doesn’t. But your client loves chocolate delicacies. But you buy wine gift baskets for both of them. Now while your boss may appreciate the gift your favorite client will not. When making the list of gifts make sure you take into account the likes and hobbies of the person. If your co-worker is a tech geek, consider some cool gift ideas for him/her.

Do Not Overspend

Splurging out on lavish gifts for people may seem like a good way to go but trust me it really isn’t. Consider the relationship dynamics of the person with you. Often times if you send a lavish corporate holiday gift then it may come off as insensitive.

However, you should no be considering getting a cheap gift as well. Find the right balance. Take into consideration their feelings and how much you value their company. Cross-check that with their hobbies and interests and you have a recipe for making an unforgettable holiday gift. You can also check out our awesome Christmas gifts under 25 Dollars for some ideas.

Consider Overall Practicality

One of the major mistakes that make gifts forgettable is that their functionality or use is only limited to holidays. Also when building relationships you cannot just restrict yourself to just the holiday season.

Think about gifts that can be sent before and even after December. However, you should also consider getting gifts that last a long time as well or has practical use in daily life. That way you along with your gift will linger in their mind for longer. So do your holiday shopping wisely.

Some Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas:

Now don’t overthink too much about what to give. Just relax, we are here to help you to ignite the gift idea fire in your mind.

Since we are done covering how you should make corporate holiday gifts unique and thoughtful now we will share some unique ideas that can be helpful with your gift brainstorming. The following passages are about some gift ideas that are unique and thoughtful:

Succulent Garden

best corporate gifts for clients

This is a simple yet unique gift idea. These plants look cute and will brighten up anyone’s desk. This is a versatile gift that can work as a holiday gift for your boss, co-worker, client and anyone else.

Succulents and air plants are easy to keep as they don’t need much water and maintenance as well. So the person receiving the gifts will have it easy for years. But if you want to make it even easier then you can find realistic looking artificial arrangements as well.

Check out ScopePrice for Succulent Garden options you can buy as gifts!


Moleskine Professional Notebook

holiday gift ideas

Now please don’t go about sending stacks of these in generic printing with bright logos and advertisements of the company. They seem unsightly and are often ignored by people. So get something nice.

Get these Moleskine professional notebooks and personalize them with a leather cover and maybe a subtle logo printed on them. Make sure it looks elegant and opulent that invites people in.

You can find some great deals on the Moleskine Professional Notebook in ScopePrice.


Coffee table book

holiday gifts for coworkers

When you talk to people and get personal you obviously know a lot of details about them. So try to find books that they might find appealing or interesting using that information. You can see which city they came from or the state.

Or maybe they are interested in a specific industry or maybe some personal interests they may have. Recently I have been reading a book called Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton. It’s a fascinating read and you yourself can check it out if not for a gift.


Leather Toiletry Pouch

holiday gifts for employees

Do your boss travel frequently? Do you have a client that has to roam around? Well then give them a leather toiletry pouch. You can monogram the pouches to give it a more specialized touch or just get a good quality toiletry pouch.

Trust me they will be happy to get it, especially as this is a travel item. You should select canvas, leather, or waterproof options to make it more suitable to provide a more personal touch to the gift. This will most definitely be etched in their minds as it is a gift where much thought was given.

You can find some great deals on ScopePrice for Leather Toiletry Pouch.


Food Basket!

unique corporate gift baskets

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. You don’t want to send another food basket with cheese logs and vacuum-sealed sausages. Yeah, I don’t want you to either.

There are plenty of great new companies that are bringing out exciting new gourmet food baskets with brilliant foods. Remember to be mindful of allergies and preferences before ordering the gourmet food baskets as well.

ScopePrice has some great deals on Food Baskets you can check out!


Portable Charging Dock

holiday gifts for clients

Like I said before if you have bosses and clients who travel all the time then they will love gifts that they can use in their travels.

Try finding good quality portable charging docks. These will provide them great utility when using their devices.

You can find great deals in ScopePrice on portable charging docks like Anker PowerCore+ mini portable charger.


E-Book Reader

holiday gift for boss

Whether your coworker, boss or client spends days on the road or just has a long commute you cannot go wrong with gifting them an e-book reader.

This will be a welcome respite from the boredom of long journeys they have to take. And they will thank you for it as well.

You can check out amazing deals for e-book readers like Kindle in ScopePrice.

Be Thoughtful

The holidays are special. Here you give gifts to your special ones to show the appreciation that you might not always be able to show. So be thoughtful when choosing gifts. This is especially true for your corporate holiday gifts.

Think about the type of person your boss is, your co-worker is and your clients are. Find out what they like, what their hobbies are and what they are interested in. This will help you find a gift they will appreciate. With that being said I will say my goodbyes.
Let us know in the comments below if you have any unique gift ideas. You can also check out our blog on Christmas Toys for Kids for your co-workers’ family.

I hope you have a sweet and fun-filled holiday, and from everyone here at ScopePrice- Happy Holidays.

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