7 Of The Best Budget Binoculars Under 200 You Should Consider Buying

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If you have the least bit of wanderlust then you go on a lot of trips. If you are going to a safari,  hiking, hunting or bird watching then having a binocular is a must. They allow you to get a closer look at things you cannot get close to.

From a boat out at sea or a deer on the other side of a valley you can get a good view of the thing you need with a pair of good binoculars. The binoculars you will find in the market today are much better than what it was. 

best budget binoculars

The technology has evolved and so has its capabilities. The binoculars now are designed for optimal vision while being portable, lightweight and affordable. There are plenty of expensive binoculars out there like Swarovski EL 10×32 Swarovision Binoculars but if you need something cheaper then this is the place for you. Here are some of the best budget binoculars under 200 you can check out.

Our List of 7 Best Value Binoculars:

Nikon 16003 Prostaff 7S

best value binoculars

One of the best budget binoculars you can buy under 200 dollars is the 16003 Prostaff 7S from Nikon. This versatile binocular can be used in a variety of different situations. From hiking, hunting to bird watching its functional in every situation.

The Prostaff 7S has excellent color and clarity because it has fully multi-layer coated lenses. If you are really looking for a bad thing to say about it then you could say it has flimsy and cheap lens covers but that’s about it.

The body is made up of high-quality rubber and provides ample durability and comfort. The model also provides a rubberized grip which means you can use it without a worry in harsh weather conditions. The turn-and-slide rubber eyecups allow you to change the distance between the eye and the eyepiece.

This is a great feature especially for those who wear glasses. The starting price for this is around just under the 200 mark and hovers around the 190s. 

Bushnell Excursion HD 242410

best compact binoculars

This Bushnell model provides amazing value for its functionalities. The HD 242410 comes with 10x magnification and has 42mm objective lenses.  The lenses are fully multi-coated and completely lead-free also provides a wide range of field view.

This allows you to get clear bright images at a target some distance away. The HD 242410 is light yet sturdy and provides a balance that makes it perfect for bird watching. This model of the Excursion is Waterproof and fog proof this means that you can take it out in any weather conditions and get great performance out of the binoculars.

It has a reasonable size and is lightweight so it is great equipment to take outside when going to hiking and hunting trips. While the lens caps are a bit flimsy as you can expect with budget binoculars that’s about it for its cons.

The HD 242410 comes with a lockable center focus knob this makes it very easy to change the focus of the binocular. Along with that, this Bushnell model comes with a lifetime warranty as well. 

SkyMaster 15x70mm

best binoculars under 200

Celestron SkyMaster binocular is most probably one of the cheaper options on the list. While it is cheap it most probably provides the best value for money as well. The model comes with fully multi-coated optics that produce clear bright images over a vast distance. The BaK-4 prisms deliver excellent light transmission for brighter images.

It provides a wide 231-feet field of view over 1000 yards. This is fantastic performance for a budget binocular that comes at the price range the SkyMaster 15x70mm comes in. The SkyMaster 15x70mm has a rubberized exterior.

This gives the binocular a better grip and the rubber acts as a shock absorber providing amazing safety from damage. This SkyMaster model has folding eyecups. This is an amazing feature especially for people who wear glasses as it prevents the lenses from getting scratches.

The SkyMaster 15x70mm has a wide range of features and functionalities this makes it a perfect companion for a bunch of new activities. From bird watching, hunting to watching stadium sports, etc. While this is inexpensive, one con I would say it has is its 1-year warranty. I feel that it would have a bit better if it had a longer warranty time. This model is a favorite among those who view in dim conditions near dawn and dusk, or for astronomy.

Wingspan Optics WingCatcher HD 8X42

best rated binoculars

The Wingspan Optics WingCatcher is a solid edition on the list. This model has exceptional durability compared to other binoculars in this price range. Along with that, it is both waterproof and fog proof meaning great performance in harsh weather conditions.

With a weight of only 1.5lbs which makes it comparatively light despite its rugged appearance. So whenever you are on a long hike or hunting session you won’t be bogged down by its weight. The Wingspan Optics WingCatcher comes equipped with fully multi-coated lenses with phase correction.

This gives amazing visual clarity which is a must when you are bird watching and need to distinguish color patterns. On top of that this budget binocular has a range of 1000 yards which is ample coverage for most people.

On top of that, the field of view is 430-feet which is very impressive depending on the fact that it is a budget model. While it is amazing you should not compare it top-range binoculars for hunting.

The Wingspan Optics WingCatcher performs admirably under normal conditions but isn’t that good under low-light situations and focusing is a bit hard on the model. However, it is amazing for the price it comes in which is around 117 dollars or so. 

Nikon 8252 ACULON A211

best mini binoculars

The ACULON A211 is one of the best budget binoculars in the market. It comes with a 50mm diameter lens and a magnification of 10x to 22x. This allows for great visuals across vast distances.

It has a one-finger zoom so you will easily be able to change the setting without losing your focus from the target. The rubber-armor coating of the ACULON A211 ensures a firm grip this means that even in wet weather you have a firm grip on your binocular.

Along with that, the rubber armor coating provides ample durability. The turn and slide of the eyecups which provides a great deal of comfort for the user as well. The lightweight, the durability, and the good visuals make it a standout candidate for the best budget binocular around. 

Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars

best binoculars for sports

The Vortex Optics Diamondback is a great option for those who go on regular hiking and sightseeing trips. The lenses are multicoated and enhanced dielectric which enhances visuals under low light situations.

It has a center focus wheel and a  diopter on the right which allows for amazing focus adjustment. The view range of the Vortex Optics Diamondback is about 1000 yards with a wide field of view of 273 feet. This is ample coverage for any hunting trip.

You can hone in on your target under the trees and lock-in on it with the 10x magnification feature. The close focus is around 6.5 feet which is ample for providing a clear, crisp view close up and far away.

The body of this budget binocular is made up of rubber-armor coating. This means that the binocular has a firm grip allowing for usage under any weather conditions. Plus the rubber coating acts as a shock absorber making the binocular sturdy and durable.

The Vortex Optics Diamondback has adjustable eyecups which make for a comfortable experience when using the binocular. Along with that this budget binocular also features waterproof and fog proof lenses which are amazing for its price. 

Bushnell Legend L-Series Binocular

best binoculars for safari

The Bushnell Legend L-Series comes equipped with 42mm lenses. The model comes with multi-coated  ED fluorite glass lenses that provide amazing visual quality. The extra-low dispersion lenses allow for increased contrast in images.

This means that you will be able to see clear colors from a far off distance. Its innovative technology allows it to completely remove color fringing and whatever you see through the lenses will represent the true colors. Having a big 42mm lens means that it lets in a lot of light which clearly increases the image quality when in use.

The body of the binocular is made out of a magnesium alloy which is corrosion resistant and is lightweight. The entire piece of equipment is waterproof and the lenses have nitrogen filled and sealed which means that they are fog proof as well.

So you can easily use this budget binocular in any weather condition with the utmost ease. For a better grip, the binocular has a  textured grip. The Bushnell Legend L-Series also comes with a large focus knob means that you can easily adjust the focus even if you are wearing a glove.

It also comes with 10x magnification and a BAK4 roof prism which is almost never seen in budget binoculars and are regular features in high-end ones. The BAK4 roof prism is what keeps the binocular light. With the high-end features this binocular one of the best binoculars you can buy in the market. 

Best On A Budget

So as you can see these are the best budget binoculars you can buy in the market. Finding the best one for your needs. To find the best choice for you first you need to find what you need. Find out what your criteria is for a binocular then check out the features of the binoculars to find what best matches your requirements. If your need for binocular is hunting, then find the best binoculars for hunting season.

With that being said I will bring down the curtains on this list of the best budget binoculars. Let us know in the comments below what your choice of binoculars.

Let us also know if you are using any of the binoculars on the list. Also, send us your thoughts and suggestions on what you would like to cover next. Your feedback matters to us. It allows us to tailor the content to your liking. Till then, See Ya!

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